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Production House of Dell ‘Orto, Pune

Dell ‘Orto is a world known manufacturing company housing a patent of fuel injection systems. Being an Italian based Company, the client always expected the building to have an innovative form preferably in steel.

A provision for expansion was a prime demand from the client. The idea was to have the office building attached to production unit, so designed that a visual link is provided between the production shop and the administration unit. Clients desired to have a column free workspace of 44mspan, with sufficient natural light, ventilation and good quality flooring. The services and utilities needed to be streamlined.

After, the brief was given it was thoroughly analysed and the outline of the project was pinned down. It is necessary for any building to blend with the surrounding. So, the basic thought process was that the building should stand out as well as to blend in.

Steeling Structure
As steel is durable, and offers architects more design freedom in colour, texture, shape, etc. Its ability for long spanned areas gives rise to long and clear open spaces. It is a lightweight material related to other framing materials. And moreover, the malleability gives architects broader parameters to explore ideas and develop fresh solutions.

Structural designing saves construction time and costs. Due to numerous pros of steel, steel as a material is selected for this project. The architects decided to design a form in steel which could be easily extendable for expansion, easily erected for achieving compact time frame and the design shall be unique. This is achieved by extending the portal frame with curved bracket on both the ends. The crimped curves add distinctive beauty to the structure while giving voluminous space within the production shop floor.

The Production unit is uniquely designed in pre-engineered building system with curved profile for the enclosure. The steel work was executed by Zamil steels and the detailing justified our intentions of making it light and effective structure.

The 44m span portal trusses spaced at 7.5m centre to centre with projecting out curves, gives a very right look to structure flanked by the office building with simple straight lines geometrically clubbed between the glass and ACP cladding.

The curved profile of building was used as an enclosure, it was uniquely designed for production unit area. The structure is enveloped with Galvalume roofing sheets.

A QC lab is provided suitably located on the shop floor. It is done in steel frame with a false ceiling. The structure was embellished with trimix flooring and landscape. Use of conventional or traditional material like bricks, stone and concrete was avoided and use of aluminium and glass was highly prioritize.

The Italian business group Dell Orto, patenting fuel injections expected a dynamic form-based design that shall stand out in the densely populated industrial complex at Chakan. Versatility of steel made it all possible as we converted triangular roof into curve that blends with glazed verticals and crimping of the sheets decorating the surface with the frills.
And the inspiration continues…….

Prashant Deshmukh
Principal Architect, Prashant Deshmukh and Associates

The geometry of the structure revolves around the curved profile over the structure which are covered in galvalume roofing sheets. The portal truss span with projecting curves gives a very right look to structure flanked by the office building with simple straight lines. The crimped curves gives a distinctive beauty to the structure.

The softwares used for Architectural Drawing is AutoCAD and 3DViews and rendering are Sketchup and Lumion respectively. The project has a strategic design approach towards the requirements of the clients.

Fact File

Client: Dell ‘Orto India Pvt Ltd
Architect & Consultant: Prashant Deshmukh and Associates
Steel Tonnage: Zamil steels
Current status: Phase 1 completed & Phase 2 (About to Start)