Pedestrian Bridge, Boston

Architecture firm Payette has created a pedestrian bridge at Northeastern University in Boston with tall metal walls and slender glazed openings that offer a glimpse of passing trains. Designed by local firmPayette, the Northeastern University Pedestrian Crossing, called PedX, is located on the school’s campus in central Boston.

Stretching 320 feet (98 metres), the bridge links the core part of campus on the north with the new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC) on the south. The 234,000-square-foot (21,739-square metre) building was also designed by Payette. The curving bridge, which passes over five active rail lines, also serves as an important pedestrian link between the Fenway and Roxbury neighbourhoods.

“It is a much-needed safe and fully accessible route at a key juncture in Boston,” the firm said in a project description. At the northern end, the bridge is entered via stairs or an elevator. On the other side, it flows into the sloped landscape surrounding the ISEC building. The bridge is supported by steel girders, with the west beam carrying the primary load of the span. The deck is constructed from steel decking topped with concrete.