New Genoa Bridge, Italy

The final piece of the new Morandi Bridge decking in Genoa, Italy has been put in place. Designed by Renzo Piano, the structure is being built to address the tragic collapse of the original bridge that claimed 43 lives. In the aftermath of the disaster, Piano offered to donate the design of a bridge to replace the old one, having been deeply affected by the tragedy.

Under Piano’s vision, the scheme will incorporate weight-bearing columns reminiscent of a ship’s bow. In honour of the victims, 43 lamps will cast a light across the bridge, shaped like ship sails. Renders show a minimalist white beam bridge supported at regular intervals by tall piers. The new bridge will have to be simple and parsimonious, but not trivial. it will look like a ship moored in the valley, a light and bright steel bridge. it will reflect the sunlight during the day and absorb solar energy to return it at night. it will be a sober bridge, respecting the character of the Genoese.

The bridge serves as an essential element that will allow genoa to reclaim its role as a great port and trade city. the bridge is an important junction connecting the city with France, the port and, generally, with nearby areas. Renzo piano building workshop designed the bridge with a continuous steel deck extending 1,100 meters (3,609 ft) with 20 spans. the 19 elliptical piers of reinforced concrete will be primarily positioned at 50-meter increments, although because of their location on the river and the railway, two of these piers will be 100 meters apart.