Knowledge Park, Hyderabad

Knowledge Park design is conceived to be a new age IT campus in Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad. It is futuristic and portrays as a destination by its own. It is spread across 10 Acres of land.

Total built-up area is of 5-Million Sq. ft comprising of two-towers, one having 30-levels and the other of 26-levels. Knowledge Park is IGBC Platinum Certified Green Building. Entire project right from the foundation / basements to the super structure is designed and being executed as a Composite steel structure.

Thought Process
There has been a growing interest in Hyderabad as an IT destination. The demand for business space for IT and financial sectors on built-to-suit and ready to build basis is also increasing constantly.

Keeping in view all the points, a was building to provide office infrastructure and business support for computer software companies, working in the electronics, telecommunications, engineering, and finance sectors.

As the site is located in Hi-Tech city of Hyderabad and the site profile being triangular in shape, having different levels of roads on all 3 sides, RSP Consultants who could do justice in dealing with such complex site by proper planning, best utilization of site contours and who could create a futuristic iconic structure were selected. Also, they had the requisite experience in dealing with commercial IT projects.

The designers were told to utilize the road levels on all 3 sides well, by giving multiple entry /exits for easy flow of traffic within the campus and outside the campus. A brief was also given to design efficient workspaces with proper light and good ventilation.

The architects were instructed to provide shuttle bus bay parking for IT employees. They also provided first class amenity facilities and finally created a futuristic and iconic structure.


Salarpuria Sattva Knowledge Park is a cutting-edge IT and ITES business park located in Hyderabad spread over 10 acres of land. This IGBC Platinum rated campus is designed to provide end to end solutions, to the companies operating out of it, as well as the associates working in the campus. The project has a built-up area of around 5 million sq. Ft which includes office space, amenity block and parking and services space. While steel can be a volatile commodity, it is one of the most important materials used in the building. It possesses properties that include durability, versatility and strength making. When buying steel, some parameters like identification mark from the manufacturing company, ensuring that steel is rust free and reading the technical specifications described in the product literature, can ensure that the structure stays durable for a long time.
Director, Salarpuria Sattva Group


Overcoming Challenges & Steeling Edifice
Initially, this building was planned as RCC structure with PT technology. But when it was changed to steel structure, then came the challenges to deal with MEP services, since floor to floor height is fixed.

Steel provides design freedom, supporting architect expectations to design state-of-art buildings and trends of open ceiling designs for interiors. Steel’s long span ability creates space eliminating intermediate col / load bearing walls.

It is unique in its ability to provide curved structures, segmented structures, twisting beams for ramps and skylight structures etc. It is also earthquake resistant, due to its ductile and flexile properties and has considerable capacity to resist lateral loads caused by wind and cyclones. It is rapid, effective and practical.

The assembling is quick and efficient in all seasons. Due to prefabrication capability, the structure can be assembled off site and erected in days. This offers time saving, when compared to bottom to top activities in other construction methods.

Steel is also lighter in weight which reduces the foundation sizes which minimizes the excavation of natural ground. Considering time saving, mechanical equipment utilization and manpower dependency, it proves to be cost effective with earlier return on investment. However, the initial cost is on the higher side when compared to other construction methods. Steel-built buildings are often more adaptable, with greater potential for alterations to be made over time, extending the lifetime of the structure. Steel structure creates less – dust, noise, site related wastages. With extensive testing methods, experts have gained the knowledge of how it reacts to fire. All the codal requirements with various materials allow for precise specification of fire protection.

The Iconic façade of Tower 2 is inspired from the Bar Code Pattern of Digital Revolution- A bar code is a method of representing data in a visual, machine read format. It is represented by widths and spacing of parallel lines.

The multi – colour bar code pattern glass has been the highlighter of this signature façade, keeping all LEED / IGBC Platinum Rating in mind. Rolled glass has a distinct pattern on one or both surfaces. It is a decorative and translucent glass, with patterns on one face. In addition to diffusing light and obstructing visibility from the outside, the figures soften the interior lighting.

Amenity Block Façade also is Dynamic in form. The shape of the amenity block façade is a visual treat and will offer an enhanced aesthetic experience. The amenity block façade is more durable, cost effective, energy efficient and environment friendly.

Structural steel plates are procured from Jindal factory and the built-up sections are manufactured at JSSL factory.


Fact File

Architect: RSP Design Consultants Pvt Ltd
Structural Consultant: Design Tree Service Consultants Pvt Ltd
Steel Fabricator: JSSL Severfield Structures Limited
Steel Tonnage: 25,000 Tonnes (Approx.)
Status: Ongoing