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Jumping Heights- Extreme Adventure sports facility, Goa

After having successfully designed one of India’s only extreme adventure sports facility – Bungy Jumping, Flying Fox and Giant Swing facility at Rishikesh (Ranked as no.1 tourist place of visit by Trip Advisor), For Jumpin Heights adventures pvt. ltd and Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Kalayojan was opportuned to design yet another extreme adventure facility for the same client at India’s foremost tourist destination, Goa.

As one leaves the bustle of Panjim behind, the landscape gives way to a sprawling expanse of green hills, lakes and quaint villages leading up to Bicholim.

Kalayojan was invited to associate with Jumpin Heights and the Goa tourism Department Corporation (GTDC) on a project that would potentially change the very representation of the area.

Design and Technical challenges
The project consists of three parts:

  • The main Tower
  • Ancillary facility like merchandising, ticketing, café etc
  • A natural trail/ pathway connecting the two.

The site given to us to construct a tall tower over 50mt was just 8m*8m i.e.64 sq. m.

This was probably the smallest site that Kalayojan has worked on. One of the key aspects that was kept in mind while designing was that for a visitor the adventure should start before reaching the actual tower. This was done by carefully orchestrating the movement of people so that one could see and grasp the magnanimity of the tower from a distance and probably also see people jumping from it.

This would fill the visitor with adrenaline giving them an unforgettable experience. Even as the architects envisioned a 58m high tower, to give it a visually taller effect, the square plan of the tower was restricted to 6m x 6m only towards the lake. This cantilevered platform was 24mt in length. Keeping the maximum possible reverse swing towards the tower structure in mind 20m length for cantilever was optimised. At the height of 58m, 20m long projected a cantilevered walk-way and platform for bungy jumping.

The tower has been provided to accommodate two lifts of 10 passengers capacity, toilets, fire escape staircase and a central passage within a tight but efficient plan. The orientation of the transparent lifts was a conscious design decision so it could be viewed from far. The crown of the tower was imagined having on all four sides, a large signboard of “Jumpin Heights”, our client. To be able to construct a sturdy, high tower while minimally interfering with the environment, the structural designer opted for Pile Foundations. The bungy tower is constructed using galvanized structural steel to ensure longevity in the humid conditions. Owing to its high strength to weight ratio, steel was the most favourable choice for a tall tower strong base in the rock below. The bungy tower is constructed using galvanized steel to ensure longevity in the humid conditions.

Architect’s Interpretation

The Goa Tourism Dept envisioned a new identity to boost tourism at Mayem Lake making it an epicentre of adventure, thrill and rejuvenation. Kalayojan worked with them to build a nature trail, using natural elements and local flora and fauna to elevate the Mayem Lake region as the perfect tourist destination for adventure and nature lovers visiting Goa. With a 55 mt jumping height, the Bungee site, which is opened to people from the 28th of August, will give visitors the chance to challenge their fears and experience the thrill of one of world’s most challenging sports, against the stunning backdrop of the Goan hillside and take a leap over the inviting waters of the Mayem Lake.

Sanjay Porwal & Pathik Joshi
Lead Architects, Kalayojan Urban Designers & Architects

After careful study of the structure type and design, all the parts were pre-manufactured and galvanized in a factory in Mumbai and assembled on site with only 2mm tolerance. Advanced construction technologies and cranes were employed to put the structure in place bit by bit and segment by segment as the soil and topography condition made access to the site difficult. The sway and oscillation of the tower (due to wind pressures) at the top level was minimised to 60mm. Yet installing a stable lift to withstand even this oscillation was found difficult and many lift providers restrained from coming forward. Yet one did by employing suitable technology.

The result is a landmark structure along the banks of Goa’s most famous Mayem Lake. A bungy tower constructed on a footprint of only 6m x 6m with its height towering to 58m – that is close to a 16 storied building! This is also a remarkable achievement from an architectural point of view, paving way for modern, eco-sensitive infrastructure that puts paramount importance on the environment.

The Goa Tourism Dept envisioned a new identity to boost tourism at this lake making it an epicentre of adventure, thrill and rejuvenation. An exciting natural track of 2m width help link the tower and another ancillary facilities. The entire development was done keeping entire existing flora and fauna intact. This elevates the Mayem Lake region as the perfect tourist destination for adventure and nature lovers visiting Goa.