Steel Marvels

IMTMA – Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC), Bengaluru

This unique structure is an exhibition hall built near the three buildings which were also designed, fabricated and erected by Kirby India in 2008. The size of the hall was conceptualized with the years of experience of holding many international exhibitions by Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC) as a solution to common complaints of the many participants in different exhibitions such as lesser width for machinery display, non-availability of constant heights for hoarding hangings, non-uniform distribution of AC ducts, aesthetics of the building, etc.

BIEC & Mistry Architect (Architects) had put forward their plans and Kirby India having a decade long relationship with BIEC proactively offered unique, innovative and optimized structural design with the usage of pipe truss elements for their structure which is different from regular PEB designs. The steel sections were supplied by Tata Steel and major sections used was YST 310.

Steel Applicability
The complete structure is built of steel which is more than 90 per cent recyclable. All the raw material such as plates and coils are procured from India’s leading steel manufacturers or imported as per the customer’s specifications and then processed as per the shop floor drawings with different dimensions and modularities with strict control on accuracy.

High grade steel material of 550 MPa is used in the complete structure. All the welded joints are tested with non-destructive weld tests.


  • The structure is with 3 Nodal Open Pipe Truss arrangement of 2.4 m Wide x 3 m Height. Main pipes are at 3 nodes of approximately 300 / 350 mm diameter and the main nodes are weaved together with the smaller diameter pipes. This is the best solution, where economy, soundness, aesthetics has complimented each other.
  • Truss is repeated at 9 m intervals along the length
  • The open space within truss is utilized for routing of AC ducts.
  • Services are placed on sides of the hall with covered roof and louvered elevations to enclosed it inside.
  • Roof and wall external sheets are meeting Green Building standards having SRI Index above 78.
  • Curved Standing Seam Roofing system with clear span of 75 m is provided for the first time in the PEB industry.

Challenges Resolved
All the challenges with respect to the design, fabrication and erection were resolved mutually after series of discussions with the client and consultant to arrive at the best PEB solution. Lot of internal deliberations took place among the teams with respect to the structure to give a perfect and innovative solution which was successfully given to the client and well appreciated by the outsiders as well who participated in the exhibitions held in this hall recently.

Software/Software Solutions Used
The processes right from design, fabrication, supply and erection were well coordinated using high end technical softwares and SAP systems to ensure timely delivery and completion.

All the buildings supplied by Kirby are green in nature as they are environmentally friendly. Steel is one of the preferred green construction materials that is growing rapidly in the construction sector because of its recyclable quality. These buildings are cost-effective, energy efficient and provide better quality environment due to the favorable roofing material and natural ventilation.

These buildings also help in energy saving due to more amount of natural sunlight through skylights and wall lights installed in the building thereby reducing the overall power consumption. Effective usage of insulation materials, louvers, turbo vents and other materials also help in making Kirby buildings as green buildings. All the materials used in making these buildings are recyclable and are not harmful to the environment. This building also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases to the environment. All the environmental protection rules and other guidelines were strictly adhered as per the local authorities.

The newly constructed Hall 4 has been awarded ‘Gold’ rating by both Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and US Green. Building Council (USGBC) under its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating level for its environmentally friendly design.

Fact File

Client: Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association
Architect: Mistry architects
Structural consultant: Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services
Project management consultant: Potential Project Managers Pvt Ltd.
Steel Contractor / Fabricator: Kirby Building Systems India Pvt Ltd
Steel supplier/s: Tata Steel
Steel tonnage: 2,200 mt (approx.) 500Mt (tata steel hollow sections)