Igloo, Israel

To mark the city’s first crafts and design biennale, product design studio magenta workshop has brought an igloo to the warmer climes of tel aviv. Handmade with sheets of stainless steel and using traditional building methods, the installation reflects its surrounding environment. evoking ideas of shelter and refuge, the concept behind the work aims to question our relationship with nature and the important role it plays.

An igloo is a home, a temporary refuge, a primeval dwelling made of snow, an archetypal structure that, when no longer in use, dissolves into a puddle of water. magenta workshop’s igloo is a structure aspiring to forge a connection between traditional societies, ancient construction methods, and new materials and technologies.

It was meticulously constructed by hand, yet its simple form is the result of a complex mathematical computation. sealed like a burial structure, it is composed of reflective stainless-steel sheets that reflect, replicate, and distort its surroundings. it echoes vanishing traditions and melting glaciers, blinding, and warming the viewers while raising questions about the role of humans in the world and their relations with nature.