Future Watch

Harbour Sea Infinity, Russian

Architecture practice DNKag has designed two Corten discs as a rooftop extension to a seaside production facility in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Dubbed Harbor Sea Infinity, the project will become a social and business center overlooking Sevkabel Port. The new rooftop addition aims to bring new life to the industrial warehouse. “Harbour Sea Infinity” is the slogan of the project concept. It considers the location and history of the place. Thus, the team proposed a superstructure consisting of two “reels” – offices with a 360-degree panorama. It is a symbol of infinite possibilities that complement the atmosphere of discoveries and anticipations in Sevkabel Port.

Most of the roof space will remain open to retain the potential for further development. The project provides for clear zoning of the roof for the public, and this public space includes several zones with different types of activity. The office part is a superstructure consisting of two “reels” – offices with a 360-degree panorama. It does not affect the existing facade of the building, since the lower disk of the offices is elevated above the roof of the old building. This solution creates an unobstructed view from the offices, while underneath, the mechanical and storage areas can be placed. The offices offer picturesque views of the water, city and courtyard. The optimal width of the building ensures good natural lighting and allows flexible space planning. Overhanging slabs form a circular balcony also serve as protection from direct sunlight.