Enduring the Way of Excellence

A leading state-of-the-art Steel Service Centre that believes that quality is the only key to success. It is not only known for its quality but is also known for its on-time delivery this has what has made Triveni a leader in south.

To enunciate about Triveni’s journey and how has it overcome this pandemic situation we have with us the captain of the ship with us Ashirwad Agarwal, Managing Director, Triveni Enterprises

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With a legacy of over 50 years, how has been your steel journey so far?
Triveni Enterprises is the third-generation family business which was started in seventies. When my father moved from Hyderabad to Bangalore to pursue his flying, but what interested him was our family business of steel. We set up Triveni Enterprises in 1970 with trading business for B2B and today under the new leadership has transformed itself into one of largest service centre and retail chain, end to end business solution in the state.

Triveni is among the leading Steel Distributor and Service Centre in India, what is your take on the Indian steel production capacity and available sections?
Indian steel industry has evolved over years. Today, we produce over 100 million tonnes and the government aims to produce 300 million tonnes by 2030. India today not only produces world class steel but also all kind of grades of steel which are used in excavator/tipper bodies which is Hardox, High resistance steel, API grades for water pipelines.

India produces steel of global standard but lacks world class service centres. This is where Triveni comes in and bridges the gap. Currently, India is the 2nd largest producer of steel in the world and has all the resources to support our steel growth.

What newness does Triveni offer to its customers with its line of products and services?
Triveni is built by people. Hence, we call it Quality People Quality Steel. We bring in newness with world class machines which are supported by IOT. This is introduced recently to give the customers seamless deliveries without compromising in quality.

Today, you can buy the best steel but if it is not processed well you will not be able to use it. This is what we guarantee in Triveni – Just in Time is our focus and hence customers do not need to have high inventory and warehouse space. We can deliver steel whenever they need.

We have got in double lamination, narrow slitting, precision cut to length. Today we have customers who demand point five-micron accuracy which we can deliver. We can deliver Ashok Leyland materials with ZERO diagonal length variation in HR sheets which very few mills are able to achieve. We also got own fleet of vehicles to cater on time delivery. To top it up construction industry needs efficient steel, less wastage steel to be delivered on site ready to use which we have implemented over few years. Moreover, during COVID times where labour shortage has made use of ready to fix steel more malleable.

What are the key challenges faced by our Steel Industry today? How do we plan to overcome it?
I think the steel industry has not moved on other than their production quality. The marketing still follows the archaic style, the old models of distributors and dealers. In this modern world of e-commerce there is just one thing that exists the producer and the end user. Those levels must come down. The best way the producer can reach the end user is by using service centre by using e-commerce models which will make the entire steel supply chain more efficient.

This would bring down the cost and the customers can get an unbroken supply chain experience. The manufacturers must be encouraged to invest in world class stockyards for last mile delivery. India is a large country, most of our steel plants are either situated in the eastern corridor whereas finishing plants in the western corridor. While the South and north are not efficiently placed to get steel immediately.

I would encourage the manufacturers to set up service centres in this last mile which would make consumption centres more efficient. The other thing is that supply chain management is not customer friendly large manufacturers have not been set up in line with the service centres.

These are standalone service centres which are not world class. I would encourage manufacturers and government to look into recognizing service centres as a key to success for usage of steel.

Make in Steel for Make in India’ is an initiative by the Government of India. How do you think this will benefit the Indian Steel Construction Industry?
Steel is an integral part of our country and the backbone of any economy. Indian Steel industry contributes 2 per cent of GDP and employs over 6 Lakh people. Without steel industry a country cannot be recognized, and it cannot grow.

We have all the natural resources to encourage the industry to grow, provide employment and become a global manufacturing hub for steel related items to serve the global industries of Automobiles, Heavy Engineering etc.

How does Triveni plan to serve its customers in this pandemic situation and what are the plans post lockdown to Fastrack its business activities?
Triveni is among the few companies during COVID times that served the industry with its products. We had given steel to ventilator and hospital bed manufacturers and critical government jobs like hospitals related equipment. Post lockdown we call our steel – COVID FREE STEEL. Triveni’s 90 per cent labour workforce stays within the factory premises. We have sanitizing tunnels; regular temperature checks and all industry parameters are followed very strictly. But most importantly we have educated our team regarding the preventive measures.

I can proudly say this has helped us as none of our team member has been infected by COVID. We also reached out to our customers and did not press for payments and did not take undue advantage of the situation by shooting up the prices. We sat with them we rescheduled the payment cycles. This is what helped the industry to keep the faith on us. We have acted as partners rather than suppliers to our customers.

What makes Triveni Enterprises different from its contemporaries?
Triveni as mentioned is a third-generation family business but has been professionally driven. We have experts who bring in expertise from SAIL and Tata Steel both in the management and top-level teams.

We give our customers complete solution. We not only solve the problems, but we act as an aiding agent by understanding the reason behind it. It is not only limited to steel but also help customer by garnering funds and make new products. These are the few initiatives that have helped customers to stay with us over last few Years. Our World Class Machines, Our World Class Drivers, Our World Class services, our logistics this is what Triveni is all about and this is what differentiates us.

What message would you like to give our readers?
To all the readers in this COVID times it is important to stay positive, stay connected with your customers and suppliers and share your problems. These are difficult times and we will tide over this if we are positive. COVID is a virus but economy is our lifeline. Either we beat the virus and build the economy or live with the virus and kill the economy. Our Honourable Prime Minister did a very smart thing of controlling the virus when it could have been and today we need the economy to grow and the virus will take its own path. I would say be positive, be smart, be safe and keep the economy running and take India on the growth path. Jai Hind!