El Vergel Villa, Ávila

The Roman Villa of El Vergel is located on the outskirts of the town of San Pedro del Arroyo, Ávila. The intervention in the Roman villa has been planned in phases, based on a design strategy that consists of the construction of a walkway that generates the journey through the interior of the villa, which can be connected to different pavilions, built separately, protecting the mosaics independently.

In Phase I, the perimeter fencing of the village was made using micro-perforated corrugated sheet. In Phase II, the general access to the villa and the complete footbridge that allows the accessible route through the interior of the villa have been built. In Phase III, the first two pavilions have been built: a Visitors’ Pavilion, with a reception and exhibition area that partially occupies the baths space of the villa, with a large glazed aperture that reproduces the original width of the pool door; the rest of the pavilion shelters two of the first mosaics; the second pavilion completely protects the mosaic of Meleagro, in whose central scene the mythological hero appears killing the boar of Calidón. Between the two sides is the steel structure; that rests on precast modular concrete elements, which are located on the looting of the original Roman wall. The pavilions not only protect and shelter the archaeological remains, but also “complete”, in a certain sense, the ruin, giving more information to the visitor when recovering the interior space of the rooms.