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Changing with Steel

He carries forward Vijay Gupta's legacy as a thought leader in educational space design by pushing the envelope for better design… he strongly believes...

Pioneering Architecture

His response to every set of unique challenges has been consistent and persistent over the years… He believes in the teamwork and collaborative effort...

Into the Future

He has gained experience working with international players… he is […]
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Experimenting with Reality

He calls his mind a laboratory of spatial thinking where one can experiment with design… he puts great value in research & sees the...

Need to Push Our Boundaries

Having 30 years of incredible experience under his belt, Raja Shyam Sundar, Partner, PTK Project Consultant LLP is one of the model professionals of...

Techno Architect

He believes in embracing innovation… He is leveraging steel's advantages to address construction challenges, embracing new technology to create aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly,...

Creating an Empowered Ecosystem

An accomplished architect, leader, and versatile talent, Anand Sharma, Partner, Design Forum International, champions context-driven design. With a commitment to "People first," he has...

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