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Biswa Bangla Gate, Kolkata

Biswa Bangla Gate–City icondepicts the image of the metropolis for united in strength, dynamic in progress and the liberal outlook for all streams of creativity. The design concept is an attempt to pay homage to Hon. Rabindranath Tagore and his composition ‘where the mind is without fear’. Designers were invited to create a sculpture as a welcome gate by HIDCO, under the government of West Bengal. The client’s brief was to create an iconic structure for the identity of the new town development.

The idea was to give the visitors a memorable experience of 360 degree, viewing of the well-developed Kolkata New Town from an elevated perspective. The platform will also serve as an exhibition space portraying the culture and heritage of the town. In coming years, this iconic City Gateway will be a magnet to attract people for celebrating events of national and international stature

Dhananjay Dake
Creative Director
Construction Catalysers Pvt Ltd

Kolkata city with a rich heritage and cultural background is growing into a large metropolitan. Hence, there was a need of a new modern urban space to accommodate the thrust of population and urban infrastructure. This new town demands to have its identity depicting the new modern culture, at the same time showcasing state of the art technologies.

The site chosen to place this iconic structure is at intersection of two major arterial roads. This square is also the entry point to the new town while coming from Kolkata International airport. Hence, this way the structure is one of the first overwhelming icon to be spotted by a visitor and has become the first impression for the new town. The sculpture with two imposing arches is stabilized with the ring walkway that facilitates visitors to experience an aerial view of the new town as well as it will be an iconic structure.

Architectural Features
The crossroad square has four traffic islands each located diagonally opposite, which allowed raising four massive curved steel pylons to form two intersecting arches. The total height attained by these arches is 55m. At midway height of approximately 25m from ground a 60m diameter circular ring shape platform is placed. This 4m wide platform has been simply anchored on the 4 main pylons.

The platform is a lightweight steel complex structure in itself consisting of an approx. 8000 sqft of air-conditioned enclosed space with glazing on the outer periphery. The access to this platform is by two lifts and two decorative staircases which are wrapped like a vine around 2 main arched pylons.

Design Innovations

  • Iconic structure for new township at Kolkata
  • Viewing gallery for the visitors
  • Wall graphics dedicated to the schemes and achievements of the state government
  • Glass Lift block and spiral staircases
  • Cross arched structure with bridge for view of cityscape during day and night.

The structure is made of totally recyclable materials like steel, glass and membrane. Being pre-fabricated structure, the usage of materials has been minimal for the scale and grandeur.

Fact File

Developer: HIDCO
Structural Consultant&Fabricator: Construction Catalysers Pvt Ltd
Steel Supplier: Tata Steel
Status: Completed