A Stellar Construction Choice

A one stop solution provider for Pre-Engineered Buildings and optimum customer choice rightly known as Everest Industries. It not only provides solutions under one roof but also does so on time. It is one of the pioneers in the industry with over eighty-five years of legacy.

To enunciate about the same and talk about its future we have with us…
The Man of the Hour S KRISHNAKUMAR, Chief Executive-Building Solutions, Everest Industries Limited


Being country’s one of the leading Building solution provider, how has been the journey over the years?
The Journey has been very exciting since the start, right from creating awareness of steel buildings, to offering factory made quality & precision components for buildings, to speedy delivery of projects to safety and now towards sustainability in construction of buildings. We have seen the industry grow & graduate into a mature sector.

According to you what is the current construction scenario and the upcoming trends in India with respect to steel construction?
We are upbeat about the growth of construction sector and PEB Buildings in the coming year. Stemming from the Pre-Engineered building industry, what is taking shape is the new Heavy Engineering and larger Infrastructure projects which is next in line for the infrastructural development of the country. Projects like Warehouses, Logistics Parks, Airports, power plants, ports, Railway & Metro Stations and multi-storey buildings for institutes and healthcare will fuel the growth.

What are the key challenges faced by our PEB Industry today? How do we plan to overcome it?
The high dependency on steel as a major raw material, fluctuating steel prices, fragmented market and mushrooming of players which do not have engineering centers or believe in safety or quality are some of the major challenges. The Unit rate buying concept as opposed to solutions concept as well as adverse payment and liability terms are some more encounters faced by the PEB Industry. Industry needs to create awareness in the customers mind about the advantages of PEB as a value-added solution rather than a Rs/kg commodity. We need to demonst4rate these values to our customer by only committing that we can deliver & delivering to our commitments. This way we can partner & create win-win solution.

Which is your key customer focused segments? How different is Everest from its contemporaries?
The key customer focus segment includes the Warehousing and Logistics sector and Manufacturing sector. Everest is the only company in the industry which provides integrated solutions to its customers – Steel Buildings, Roof-Top Solar Power Plant and Rapicon Walls. It is the onlyOne stop solution Public Limited Company in the industry, which is transparent, reliable and financially strong with a heritage of over eighty-five years.

What is your take on on-site structures vis-à-vis factory fabricated structures?
There is no comparison between the two construction technologies. The Factory-made buildings are manufactured in a controlled environment under stringent quality and safety norms; hence the product is a high-quality finish & aesthetically superior building in comparison to the on-site fabricated buildings.

What are your current priorities and your action-plan to achieve them?
We feel people are looking at convenience and partners who offer one-stop solutions. They don’t want multiple agencies to work in their buildings. At Everest, we provide integrated and one-stop solutions to customers for building with solutions for steel buildings, Solar panels, ready-made wall panels solutions and façade solutions for the aesthetic appeal of the building.

We want to provide the customer with the convenience to work with one vendor for multiple solutions.

What are your plans for the next 5 years?
The pace of infrastructure expansion in the country is expected to accelerate in the next few years. Pre-engineered structural steel system is now increasingly becoming the preferred alternative for construction in the country. Projects like 100 smart and sustainable cities, new no frill airports in tier two cities, Industry corridors, Railways & Metro Stations, Power Plants, Ports etc. require heavy steel structures and a different approach as opposed to conventional buildings.

Moreover, the government’s focus on making India a manufacturing hub through the development of exclusive industrial corridors, the most prominent among them being the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor project, apart from the continued focus on Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and the National Investment and Manufacturing Zones (NIMZs), has spelt good news for the PEB industry.

What is your success Mantra that you can share with our readers?
At Everest PEB Buildings our mantra is to work for customer delight with focus on 4’S- Safety, Sustainability, Strength & Speed and provide the customer a solution ontime and every time – No Cost-Over Runs, No Delays, Now you can Relax.