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Sunil Patil & Associates

QWhat are the major advantages of using steel vis-à-vis conventional materials?

Steel as a material enables faster construction. By using steel one can achieve longer span along with aesthetically pleasant sleek look.

QHow structural steel can be innovatively used in construction to provide design aesthetics and at the same time offer economical solution?

Steel allows us to go for cantilevers and thinner projections which can be innovatively used to create dynamic structures. Steel also allows pre-fabrication of superstructure in the workshop, resulting into faster construction and economy.

QWhat is your take on the variety of sections/grades provided by our steel producers for various demands of creativity?

There is still a lot of deficit between the expectation of the designers and the product range available in the market. So, one needs to go for custom made steel elements which affects both speed and economy.

QWhat trend are we going to witness in next 5-7 years, as far as designing structures with steel is concerned?

The trend of using steel structure is growing day by day. Techniques and software available today will allow for innovative and hi-tech structures.

QWhat should be the strategy of industry in promoting structural steel construction in India?

The steel industry needs to change its perspective from “only structural material” to architectural element. The industry should work on providing custom made design facility of steel elements to designers which will allow them to be more innovative.

QWhich are the iconic steel-specific projects executed by you?

Fratelli Wines: In an industrial building, the performance of the building in terms of its function is of paramount importance. Economy in construction plays an important role as every penny invested is expected to gain calculated income. Besides creating an appropriate environment for the work encouragement, it is a great challenge to achieve sustainability in the building as normally industrial buildings are perceived as menace to sustainability.

Building materials form a large component of energy consumption that is why it becomes important criteria for any sustainable building. This project has been built with large use of natural and low cost materials. This was made possible with fast construction techniques, low cost natural materials and most important reuse of materials from the site itself.

PEB structure was designed as a single monolithic form so walls and roof were constructed simultaneously, hence saving time and money. The steel structure could allow large spans for the main tank hall. The winery project was constructed and developed over five months. PEB structure in steel could be erected within very short span.

Circuit House: Architecture shall adhere to its time, the era, in which it is built.  In fact, architecture has always been referred as calendar to determine the period of different civilizations. With this philosophy, circuit house is designed where the planning is derived from vernacular architecture – the shaded courtyard, transition spaces like passages and terraces, jails in form of louvers carry vernacular ethos in highly contemporary architectural style in this building.

The material palette of the building is exposed concrete masses with steel pergola used for shading the courtyard. Considering the large span of the courtyard, pergola was only possible in steel. The sleek look was achieved creating a remarkable feature of the design. Steel is also used to create bridges connecting the passages of two wings. The steel truss was developed to create these bridges. Also, steel stanchions have been used without any tie and was possible only with use of steel.

Fusion House: The design of the bungalow is based on our design philosophy – contemporary vernacular architecture. It incorporates vernacular ethos and features like courtyards, stone masonry in a highly contemporary style. The contemporary stone work along with steel pergolas and white masses creates extremely humble composition. The shadow pattern keeps on changing through the day creating dynamism in architecture. Use of steel in this project in contrast with stone masonry is used as architectural design element along with the structural steel which is used for stanchions.

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