R. K. Lodhi,
Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Indian Steel Corporation Limited

QWhat offerings are presented by ISC for the Indian infrastructure market?

R. K. Lodhi : With a focused vision and a steely determination, we deliver perfection that meets our client’s objectives. At ISC, our top-of-the-line technology and dedicated team is geared to offer solutions for quality cold rolled steel and coated steel products. As far as Indian infrastructure market is concerned, we offer different products viz: ULTRA SHINE XL, ULTRA COAT, ULTRA BOND and ULTRA TUFF. These are the most admired and sworn by the infrastructure industry throughout the country for its quality, ruggedness and durability.

QWhat technological thrust has been rendered by ISC in today’s competitive world?

R. K. Lodhi : As far as rendering the technological thrust is concerned, we are constantly adding to the value of steel by continually adopting new ways and technologies for better quality of steel products in today’s competitive world. Our products serve the creation of a new trend in infrastructure industry.

We are the first Indian company to introduce 4-feet wide color coated profile sheet ‘ULTRA SHINE XL’ that created a new trend in the construction industry, for cost saving in projects. We are the first company in India to introduce the SST 1200-hours+ Color Coated Galvanized products, pertaining to Class 3 which is 14246 rev 2013, best for roofing and cladding application.

We are also the first Indian company to introduce, ‘ULTRA BOND’, the world class product in color coated industry that comes with a warranty like no other offers 15-20 years on aesthetic and perforation. This is one of the best suitable products for modern day projects.

QWhat is ISC’s USP in the profile sheets and coated coils segment?

R. K. Lodhi : We believe that it is our duty to provide our customers with quality products that benefit every facet of the changing society. This is why we are working hard to manufacture reliable, efficient and environmentally conscious products that will improve our customers’ lives and the community’s as well.

As far as our profile sheets are concerned, we are India’s no. 1 brand in the 4-feet wide segment. As per IS14246 Rev.2013, ULTRA SHINE XL pertains to Class 3, which is the best in available products at present, due to its SST value of 1200 hours* plus. On top of that, these profile sheets are highly advanced design to provide better strength. It allows perfect overlapping for ideal waterproofing concerns. It is the first brand in India offering warranty in high end projects, and this very advantage leads it to be the most preferred brand by the Architects.

Coming onto our coated coil segments, as per IS14246 Rev.2013, the ULTRA COAT pertains to Class 3, which is again the best in the currently available products domain, due to its SST value of 1200 hours* plus. ULTRA BOND colour coated coils are world-class products in colour coated industry that comes with a warranty like no other, offering 15-20 years on aesthetic and perforation. This is one of the best suitable products for projects.

ULTRA COAT and ULTRA BOND are available in all type of paints qualities i.e. RMP/SMP/PVDF/SDP. Our colour coated coils are available in wide spectrum of shades, as per requirement of the customer and are made available in very appreciable time.

QWhich are the business segments that you are targeting as of now with your current offerings?

R. K. Lodhi : The segments of business that we are targeting with our current offerings are high end infrastructure projects ranging from Government segments i.e. airports, metro stations, railway stations, warehouse schemes and defence requirements to multinational industries projects.

We are also targeting the new upcoming trends developing in interior and exterior applications of colour coated products for instance furniture and other applications. Other than infrastructure, our target is to provide our innovated products in appliances and white goods industries.

QWhat newness should we anticipate coming out from ISC’s think-tank?

R. K. Lodhi : ISC is known for constantly adding to the value of steel by continually adopting new ways and technologies for better quality of steel products. Our think-tank will introduce more innovated products in coming time that will give best payback to user.

QCan you brief us about your manufacturing plant and its capabilities?

R. K. Lodhi : The Indian Steel Corporation Ltd. factory is situated close to Kandla Port with a close proximity with Mundra Port, Gujarat. It is a secondary steel manufacturing company with capacity of 6-lakh tonnes with range of steel products such as cold rolled sheets and coils, CRCA, galvanized sheets and coils, galvanized corrugation sheet, pre painted galvanized coil, sheets, corrugated and profile sheets and accessories.

QWhat steps need to be taken to kind of change the dynamics of the Indian steel industry?

R. K. Lodhi : To change the dynamics of the Indian steel industry, more and more awareness about quality and innovative products should ne infilled in the end users. Also, I believe increasing the applications of steel in traditional sectors, and replacing them by steel will change the market dynamics to quite an extent.

QWhat are the real-time challenges faced by you today?

R. K. Lodhi : The real time challenges faced by us today are the availability of import and cheap domestic steel products in the domestic market. As these products are inferior by quality, the customers are not getting the returns for the product that they are paying for. The domestic demand is slow since the last two quarters, but, we are very positive that this will pick up from this month onwards.

More awareness regarding the quality of steel products are needed to be made in interior markets also, so that best products can reach to the clients, and more and more steel applications may increase in competition to the conventional products.

QWhat is your take on the future of Indian steel construction sector?

R. K. Lodhi : The Indian steel construction sector is going to be one of the most growing segments in coming future. The present Government is trying to speed up the infrastructure related to public use i.e. airports, metro stations, railways, defence etc. They are also encouraging new start-up industries that will develop their industrial projects and warehouses, which will in turn, will give growth to the construction sector. Due to constant innovations in steel products, more and more applications are increasing, with respect to interior applications as well.

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