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Prowessing With Efficiency

The global leader of the roofing industry who have pioneered steel in almost every walk of life – be it infrastructure, institutional buildings, top notch manufacturing facilities, commercial structures or even contemporary residential segments is contributing their best in making steel the prime material of construction.To speak about the current […]

Florida Polytechnic University

Florida Polytechnic University, Florida’s newest university and only one dedicated to a curriculum of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, started its new campus building program with the 162,000-sq.-ft Innovation Science and Technology Building designed by world renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. This two-story reinforced concrete structure’s signature element is the 250-ft-long […]

Moma Lotus Resort, China

When Jiuhua Mountain first comes into view, we can see its clear shape. With its endless peaks, it lives up to the reputation as “the best mountain in Southeast China”. The bronze statue of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva stands quietly under the peaks, withstanding the test of time together with the mountains, […]

Pedestrian Bridge, Boston

Architecture firm Payette has created a pedestrian bridge at Northeastern University in Boston with tall metal walls and slender glazed openings that offer a glimpse of passing trains. Designed by local firmPayette, the Northeastern University Pedestrian Crossing, called PedX, is located on the school’s campus in central Boston. Stretching 320 […]

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Another project by ZHA, the Beijing Daxing International Airport terminal (aka Beijing New Airport) was promoted as the world’s largest airport terminal building when revealed and as far as we know this still stands. It’s expected to open for business in September, 2019. The huge building was created in collaboration […]

Steel Pecuniary Material

What are the major advantages of using steel vis-à-vis conventional materials?Steel has high tensile strength, so even if the span is longer, the beam sections are smaller comparatively. Steel can be mass produced and fabricated before site is ready for construction so in turn saves a lot of time. The […]