Gonzaga’s New Student Center

Gonzaga’s new student center is a bustling social hub. Take a stroll through Gonzaga University’s new John J. Hemmingson Center and you might get the feeling of walking through a retail mall or airport terminal, rather than a student center. Day and night, the building’s “main street” is bustling with […]

British Airways I360, Brighton

The British Airways i360 Tower comprises a giant glass-and-steel doughnut that moves up and down a 162-metre-high pole, offering views of up to 42 kilometers in all directions. It is acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the world’s most slender tower, with a diameter of just 3.9 metres at its […]

The Flexhouse

With its wide walls of glass and a ribbon-like white façade that winds its way around the building, this home on the banks of Lake Zurich is so light and mobile in appearance that it resembles a futuristic vessel that has sailed in from the lake and found itself a […]

Marquette Residence, Montreal

This Montreal residential building by local studio Naturehumaine features a simple brick facade punctuated with square windows and a rear parking area topped by a steel canopy. Called the Marquette Residence, the multi-family building is located in central Montreal’s Rosemont-Petite-Patrie district and faces a busy commercial street. The 7,200-square-foot (670-square-metre) […]

Shared Living Spaces

Shared living spaces are booming in major cities as young people seek a more sociable lifestyle, according to the entrepreneurs behind the “co-living” accommodation trend. A cross between student housing and hotels, co-living spaces offer tenants serviced rooms in shared apartments with communal lounges, kitchens and bathrooms. Demand for this […]

NOW-26 Television Studio, Thailand

Architectkidd took an old, out-of-date building and turned it into this incredible television production studio using (almost) exclusively steel tubing. The architects removed the old cladding that covered the existing structure, which exposed the steel structure underneath, and inspiration struck. In order to compliment the structure’s core and stick to […]

Control Club, Berlin

Located in the historical center of Bucharest, the 19th century house that now hosts the Control Club used to be the famous Berlin restaurant, very popular in the socialist era. Control Club is likely considered, at the moment, the most popular live music club in Bucharest. The project aim for […]

Tower Wharf, UK

Wirral Waters is said to be the largest regeneration project in the UK and will eventually transform more than 500 acres of Birkenhead’s former docks into a new business and leisure destination. It is also set to become one of the most sustainable enterprise zones in the country as well […]