Jiangyin Greenway, China

The project will consist of four clearly identifiable segments, each with a unique response to the spirit of the place in which it is located. The north segment of the loop has already been built and passes through the dockland’s parks. It responds to the history of shipbuilding and its […]

Charles Library, Philadelphia

Sited at the intersection of two major pedestrian pathways, Polett Walk and Liacouras Walk, and at the nexus of Temple’s Main Campus, the project anchors a new social and academic heart for the university’s diverse student body of over 39,000. Woven into the fabric of North Philadelphia, the building sits […]

Pedestrian Bridge, Boston

Architecture firm Payette has created a pedestrian bridge at Northeastern University in Boston with tall metal walls and slender glazed openings that offer a glimpse of passing trains. Designed by local firmPayette, the Northeastern University Pedestrian Crossing, called PedX, is located on the school’s campus in central Boston. Stretching 320 […]

Recyclable Shed, China

Chinese practice LUO Studio has designed a glass and metal shed-like structure to provide a temporary home for the Shengli Market in Puyang City, China, while its original site is redeveloped. LUO Studio designed the market from simple, low-cost and lightweight materials that could be recycled once the market moves […]

Schierker Feuerstein Arena, Germany

At the foot of the Harz Mountains, in the Schierke district belonging to Wernigerode, a historic and listed ice stadium has been renovated. In 2013, GRAFT won the European architecture tendering for the reactivation of the former natural ice stadium and convinced the jury with their unique roof construction. The draft […]

Diablos Rojos Baseball Stadium, Mexico

Chicago-based FGP Atelier has completed the new Diablos Rojos Baseball Stadium in Mexico City. Designed by Mexican-born Francisco Gonzalez Pulido, the monumental project was made to be the country’s premier baseball stadium. Working with team owner Alfredo Harp Helú, the project’s roof takes the form of a devil’s tail to reference the home team’s devilish […]

Courtyard No. 1, China

The project is situated at the intersection of Guangzhou Road and Minjiang Road in the economic development zone of Heze City in Shandong. Due to its unique location, the project is expected to be a landmark building in the future development of the prefecture-level city. The purpose of this project is to […]

Bitwise Headquarters, Thailand

Bitwise is a manufacturer of air conditioners, with a long track record and experience in the industry in Thailand. Their Headquarters design was realized from the conceptual organization’s image and identity. The concept of rethinking “Innovation” was applied into the form of the building. The conventional column structure was eliminated, […]