Steel Marvels

Metro Station at Chennai Airport

The architects of the admirable Chennai Airport, a structure that boasts of many ‘firsts’ in architectural engineering in India, have done it once again with the Chennai Metro which is located inside the airport area. The metro has been successfully innovated as an aesthetic extension to the airport wherein the […]

K SQUARE, the Integrated Park Project, Bhiwandi

India has witnessed significant strides in e-commerce business in last few years. The logistics chains and warehousing facilities across the country are a backbone to support this e-retail and e-commerce revolution. World-class retailers derive their efficiencies from their warehousing and logistics capabilities that are very critical to their business. Hence, […]


‘Time is Money’ is a very old saying, but, for Mumbai it is now a necessity, compulsion and reality. Any RCC framed structure – small, medium or large – needs a specific time cycle, however efficient be the construction management on site. Therefore, when an option of alternative methodology and […]