Steel Marvels


Skydham, a high-end residential tower is designed to bring in the best combination of modern construction technology and highest form of luxury. The client had given a clear brief to the architect to develop what is unique in its form, utility and construction. Tall buildings are being made for a […]

THERMATECH® Solar Reflectance Technology

Average temperature in the world has increased over the last few years. The frequency of hot days and nights has increased and is likely to continue to be so. It is creating stressful, unhealthy, and unproductive working conditions. These conditions are more common in cities, where urban heat islands (UHIs) […]


In today’s day and age, most of the architecture that surrounds us becomes a kind of background hum, to be noticed only when it is exceptionally striking. When our eyes move around in our surroundings, do we notice the box-shaped edifices that existed in the past or that one building […]

BMW Welt, Germany

With the launch of BMW Welt, the German car manufacturer has elevated buying a car from mere transaction to ritualistic experience. This landmark building, situated on a highly visible site between Munich’s Olympic Park and the BMW headquarters, is designed to embrace visitors entirely into the world of BMW. Buyers […]

Eden Gardens Stadium, Kolkata

Client Brief In 2011 India hosted the Cricket World Cup. But prior to this, many of the existing cricket stadiums lacked facilities and required renovations, repairs, and upgrades, and Eden Gardens was one of such stadiums. Famous for its large and vociferous crowd, it is said that a cricketer’s cricketing […]