Design with Steel

Steel Empowers Multifarious Leeway

  For steel to become a more used material in India, the structural design thinking from the professionals has to evolve at a faster pace than it is presently, as does the architectural design thinking. However, it is equally important for the construction methodology and training of the workmen to […]

Steel Powers Adaptability

What are the major advantages of using steel vis-à- vis conventional materials? One of the major advantage with steel is that the columns can be manufactured for multiple floors tier. Correspondingly, the requirement for bolted floor to floor column junctions reduces considerably. But in conventional RCC structure we are bound […]

Steel Augments Aesthetics

Steel is a preferred material for the construction of large scale structures as well as large span structures such as bridges, industrial buildings and even residential buildings because of the unique properties of steel as well as advances in the steel design as a construction material as against other conventional […]

Steel Proffers Flexibility

Steel offers solution in terms of creating large, column-free interiors, thereby giving the building a sense of openness, and moreover, it is malleable, hence gives architects the freedom to explore creating unconventional shapes and textures to make the building distinct, declaims, Architect Rakesh Kapoor, Founder, Kapoor & Associates…   What […]

Sujay Ghorpadkar

My approach is to celebrate steel – making it prominently visible, thereby, becoming the ‘hero’ of the design, admits Sujay Ghorpadkar,
Founder & Principal Architect, Opus Architects…