Design with Steel

Steel A Multifaceted Material

Structural steel is very flexible which can be moulded into any shape, without changing its properties and can be converted into sheets or turned into wires as per the design requirement. It is relatively cheap compared to other building materials. It also accelerates the construction process unlike any other conventional […]

Steel – A Sustainable Material

Steel can be reused and molded. It is strong and flexible in terms of sizes and shapes making its application more efficient in many industries including architecture. The various possibilities of the form, from steel components is another feature that makes the structure looks lighter and spaces looks interesting with […]

Steel an Optimal Material

I believe steel is really a great choice to come up with, giving your creativity and imagination a heads up right from the beginning till the very end. Steel can be considered as a green, recyclable product with an immense strength providing support to the dwelling. Having a minimal self-weight […]

Steel Empowers Productivity

Steel is highly durable, malleable, light-weight and recyclable, one of the major advantage it offers, to me as an Architect, is its flexible capacity to be utilized for realization of highly complex forms with efficiency and economy, exclaims, Ar. Swapnil Gawande, Computational Design Expert & Architect, Studio_DRAAFT.   Q What […]

Steel Bespeaks Mightiness

The high tensile strength of steel helps in countering, the unwanted pressure created on the structure during earthquakes. Being a little flexible, steel does not crack as opposed to the brittle nature of concrete under such circumstances. Apart from this, structures constructed in steel are much lighter than those constructed […]