Abhilash Joseph, Regional Sales Manager, AVEVA India

QHow do you assess the structural steel market in India? What strikes you most about this industry?

The Asia Pacific, Middle East and the India region is expected to be the major influencers in the growth of the global market. Pressure towards greater ease of installation and faster completion of projects is expected to drive structural steel demand for both, residential and commercial applications. We at AVEVA believe the increased design flexibility through the use of next-generation software’s like AVEVA Bocad, and the high ROI on pre-engineered buildings (PEB) are other major factors expected to significantly influence the demand.

QWhich AVEVA products serve the steel industry in our country? And could you describe them?

AVEVA has been the world’s leading engineering software provider to the plant, power and marine industries for over 45 years, totaling over 4000 customers and 1500 employees worldwide. We have achieved this by continual and visionary technical innovation, working in close partnership with many of the world’s leading engineering companies. As a result, AVEVA is trusted to deliver not only the most powerful software tools available, but, to put its customers’ long-term business interests at the heart of its technology development.

AVEVA has two dedicated products for this sector: AVEVA Bocad™ and AVEVA FabTrol™.

AVEVA acquired Bocad in 2012 to add a class-leading steel detailing application to its 3D plant design solution. Since then, sustained development has closely integrated workflows between plant layout, structural design and steel detailing to create a uniquely powerful solution. But, whether used in an integrated environment or as a stand-alone solution, AVEVA Bocad’s versatility, flexibility, capability and functional richness make it the preferred choice for both the plant design and the architectural industries. In some instances, we have been able to ‘rescue’ a structural steel project with AVEVA Bocad by replacing a competitor’s solution that was unable to handle the sophistication or complexity of the architect’s design.

AVEVA offers Bocad – the most modern steel detailing software available on the market today, helping detailers and fabricators increase their efficiency while decreasing their drawing editing work and inaccuracies.

Bocad can deliver benefits majorly in the below arenas:

  • Minimize drawing editing work – saving time and money
  • Enhanced modeling capabilities for detailing complex projects – providing enhanced engineering capabilities
  • Material optimization to assist you with early and optimum procurement – saving time, money and avoid projects delays and last minute surprises
  • Weld Traceability – bringing in more production efficiencies.

AVEVA offers FABTROL – the most modern steel fabrication management software available on the market today, helping fabricators increase their efficiency while decreasing their administrative tasks and inaccuracies. It is deliberately designed to follow the logical workflow of a shop and require the fewest clicks for user operation – with a specific focus on tracking and rendering data for multiple projects simultaneously. FabTrol has solutions to deliver significant business benefits in estimating – giving clear visibility of profit margins; for drawing/document control – saving time and money in revision management; in material processing (nesting, inventory, procurement) – savings on material and avoid delays through early procurement; in production controls – giving consistency in production efficiencies; shipping and material test certificates – providing better traceability; and in subcontractor management – giving effortless project monitoring.

QHow has been the exposure and acceptance of AVEVA’s Bocad software solutions thus far in India?

They are relatively new in the Indian market, but, within a couple of years of our introducing them, they have proved to be popular and successful with both, existing and new customers. AVEVA has a diverse customer base owing to our wide product portfolio that serves all the capital engineering industries. The addition of class-leading steel fabrication solutions is rapidly extending our customer community, particularly into smaller specialist businesses. There have been several deals where we have secured 100+ AVEVA Bocad licenses against competitor solutions. One of our particular strengths is that our Bocad development team is based in our Hyderabad office. With a very robust YOY growth, we are very confident in the future.

QWhat do you believe are the fundamental underpinnings that enable AVEVA to achieve sustainable growth in such a challenging market?

The same fundamentals that have kept AVEVA in its market-leading position for nearly 50 years: the best products, the best services and the best customer support. Everything we do is focused clearly on one thing: continually increasing long-term business value for our customers. As a result, we have a large and loyal customer community that continues to grow.

There are two particular factors that help us succeed in a challenging market. First, in any stage of the project or asset life cycle, our solutions enable our customers to cut costs, save time, reduce risk and be more efficient and competitive; essentially when times are tough. Second, AVEVA technology is an outstanding long-term investment when growing a business, because we protect the value of our customers’ priceless data throughout the entire asset life cycle.

QWhich are the areas wherein AVEVA would be penetrating more deeply in the current scenario?

We intend to establish a leading position in all sectors of the structural steel industry. AVEVA Bocad is not only the most powerful and versatile solution of its type, it also offers a range of dedicated add-on modules that meet the particular needs of specialist sectors such as power transmission, architecture, onshore plant and offshore structures.
In any sector of this market one can configure an AVEVA Bocad solution that delivers outstanding business benefit out of the box. AVEVA Bocad also includes a very powerful macro language that enables individual customers to capture their own specific expertise and automate even the most complex modular designs. We have many AVEVA Bocad customers who have done this to achieve considerable competitive advantage in their chosen markets.

QYou take care of the Middle East market as well what is your strategy for the market?

Inevitably, different regions have different needs and priorities, but these translate into different use cases for our solutions, rather than requiring region-specific versions. In India, for example, we see a predominance of projects in the power and process sectors, whereas in the Middle East we see more oil & gas and architectural projects. The particular strength of AVEVA’s steel fabrication solution, and its differentiator from its competition, is that it meets the needs of such a wide variety of projects without compromise and without needing costly customization. In both regions, we see significant growth potential for our structural steel solutions and are looking to increase our local resources to meet increasing demand.

QWhat are AVEVA’s short to medium to long term plans for Indian steel market?

As we look to the future, we have anticipated what our customers will require to achieve lean steel fabrication and are delivering this via our initiative called – The Future of Steel Fabrication. AVEVA Bocad and AVEVA FabTrol together form the core of this strategy which will meet the needs of the fabrication industry around the world. But there is a bigger picture. While specialist fabricators will find that our steelwork solution fully meets their needs, EPCs in the plant industries can benefit from its integration with our plant design and engineering software. Our integrated engineering and design solution enables seamless collaboration and a tightly integrated digital workflow in structural steel. The latest release of AVEVA Bocad realizes the true integration between steelwork design, detailing and fabrication. It transforms our customers’ project workflows from the design office through fabrication to construction by enabling more efficient and extensive collaborative working.

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